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New treasures

Last night I was walking up my street when I noticed these old dining room chairs outside someone’s house. People around here place furniture and things in front of their houses if they want to give them away, turns out to be very convenient for me. As I walked past I noticed this very old piece with green velvet seating and I was immediately drawn to it. But since I was on my way to an appointment I said to myself that if the chair is still there when I get back, I will bring it home. To my utter enjoyment the chair was still there when I came back  4 hours later so of course I picked it up and walked the last 40 meters to my house.


I think it is such a beauty and it has so many potentials. Now I just have to familiarize myself with upholstering and when I get the courage I will tackle this baby. Until then it will live in my bedroom where I can look at it and dream of new looks for it.


I find this tradition of placing furniture outside your house that you no longer want or need  so great. It saves people the hassle of transporting things to goodwill or other places, since not nearly everyone has a car (we depend upon our bikes or public transportation, so great). As I walked past this house again today I noticed that the rest of the chairs were gone, so somebody else is smiling like me, all happy with their latest find.

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