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Antique wooden box

Last year I went to a flea market here in Copenhagen and bought a very old and kinda ugly wooden box, and actually the lady selling the box looked at me funny when I showed interest in this old thing. She even reduced the prize while I was standing there looking at it and thinking whether or not to buy it. In the end I just could not go home without it.


As you can see it was in a pretty bad shape. I decided to patch it up with some wood filler and after that I primed it. And like that the box stood around for a whole year, nothing happened, I didn’t touch it and basically didn’t really know how I wanted to proceed. Mainly I was stuck on color choices. At first I was determined to paint it white, but as time passed I came to the conclusion that a fun color would suit it better and somehow decided on a bright tone of blue.


Here the box is primed, sanded for the second time, primed a little more, and ready for it’s first coat of paint. I was a little scared to start the paint job since this is the first time I am painting a wooden object, but it was a good first start. I have big plans for an old dresser (shown in the photo below) so I thought it was nice to start off with something smaller. After two coats of paint, with ample drying time in between and some assembling the box now looked like this.


I am so happy with the result. It is very evident that the box is extremely old, it is not all smooth and pretty but I think that adds an extra charm to it. After finishing the paint job my biggest headache was what to store in it, it actually took me a couple of weeks to reach a decision. In the end I decided that it was the perfect place for my nail polishes and nail tools, and it gave me the opportunity to go through my nail polishes and throw out those which were old and ugly. Here is a little sneak peak inside the box.


All in all I am super happy with this project and it actually has given me a little boost to continue with my little to-do list. The weather is also getting quite good and that gives me the chance to go outside and do a little spray painting yay! I will share all the gloriness in due time.


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