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Salsa dancing is a huge part of my life. It is there for me whenever I need a little pick me up, an outlet for extra energy or just have the need to groove to cool music. I started salsa dancing in August 2010 and making the decision to sign up for a class has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have met so many interesting, fun and challenging people, and also a whole new world has opened up. I never knew how big this dancing world is and how many “stars” there are out there that travel the world sharing their knowledge through workshops and inspire us by performing on stage. On youtube.com you can find endless number of inspirational videos and today I wanted to share one of my favorite shows. It is not a typical salsa show, but a variation called boogaloo. It is just so awesome and cool that the world needs to enjoy it. The dancers are Leon Rose (whom I have danced with once by the way, luck lucky me!!) and Noémie. Enjoy the greatness and be inspired!


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Light up my life

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned my living situation on here yet. Well, as you might know I am an Icelander living in Copenhagen and in this beautiful city I am renting an apartment with another Icelandic girl. Therefore, I am sharing my home with someone else, a girl that I have only known for a year or since I moved in with her. Since she had lived here for two years before I came along she was all set in her ways and had the main living areas furnished, I have tried to put my little mark on things but only minimally. Our styles are very different, and also, she is not interested in interior design like I am. I try to incorporate my things, but mainly I keep my things limited to my own room where I am free to do things as I want, decorate how I want, organize things according to my needs and incorporate the colors that I like. As of now my room is a mess and a complete work in progress. I want to share with you my journey of how I will change things around, paint and redo. Hope everyone wants to follow along. 

Recently I did a minor update to my room, I changed out the light fixture, and what a difference that little change made! I always read around the web that people love all the small changes that they make and boy were they right! Before, I had this old shade that some previous renter had left behind, it was boring and very dirty. 


(I apologize for the bad picture quality, but it is hard to snap a proper picture with my old camera and the bad winter lighting, basically no natural light going on.)

As you can see the shade is very dull and nothing exciting going on. It also bothered me that I was putting up with a fixture that I hadn’t chosen myself. On top of my bedroom closet I had sitting a light fixture that I bought a few years ago (6 years to be exact!) and never gotten around to hanging up and enjoy. It is actually a shameful thing to admit, but as they say, better late then never! 



It was all wrapped up and it had accumulated dust from the past years. This light fixture was bought in the US (West Elm to be exact), travelled to Iceland at the end of the vacation, and when I moved to Denmark over 3 years ago it came along, but it never had the honor of being hung up. Well, now it was time! First I had to unwrap all the shells, not the most fun of tasks, but well worth it, because it looks oh so pretty in my room now. 



This little switch-a-roo still makes me smile whenever I enter my room, and also the light in my room has increased, win-win! There is a down side to this new light, of course. I have neighbors above me and whenever their children run around or they stomp the floor the light makes a little clinging noise. Thankfully, it is only for a limited time every day, and sometimes not at all so I live with it and have actually learned to ignore it, everything for the pretty light. 

As you can see in the photo above in the window I have an old roman shade which looks horrible. Again, someone living here prior to me left it behind and therefore I have just put up with it, but I don’t know for how long I can. It is so dirty and grimy and boring! On the bright side this is a fun project for me to tackle sometime in the near future. 


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