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Holiday Greetings

Happy holidays. I’m an Icelandic girl who lives in Denmark, so for the holidays this season I decided to travel home. It has been such a wonderful break from the every day life and being able to spend time with my family and friends. The unconditional family love is the best in my opinion, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have been enjoying the great food that comes with this seasons, all the Icelandic sweets and cakes, along with the crazy weather and non-stop wind. I don’t mind the crappy weather while here because I have a car to get me from place to place, but in Copenhagen I rely mostly on my bike. If this type of weather was in Copenhagen all the time I would not be such a jolly girl!

I got some great gifts this christmas, but the best one was from my best friend, who gave me two books, Jonathan Adler’s 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, and Young House Love. Both books are so fantastic and different, and I am such a happy girl. Look forward to start improving my life and surroundings in 2013, inspired by these two books (along with everything else positive and inspiring in my life).

Merry Christmas to all!


The tree at my parent’s house as captured by Instagram, looks very retro and has been the same since the 80’s, love it.

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Time to go public

I’ve walked around for a while now with the thought in my head to start blogging, but I’ve always repressed it. Well, now I think it’s time I started writing my thoughts, ideas, projects and general ramble-ness down and publish live on the internet for all to see. I don’t really know why I suddenly want to start blogging, but my gut feeling tells me that I have to get all the thoughts out of my head and down on “paper”. Even if no one will ever read this, at least I have contributed a little to this magical online world. 

When it comes to inspiration for blogging, there are three blogs out there that have completely captivated me and opened my mind, everyone in a different way. Those bloggers are Young House Love, Bower Power and Making It Lovely. If I ever get to be half as cool and fun and imaginative as those three (four, since Young House Love are two awesome people) are, then I will be very, very pleased with myself. But only time will tell if I ever reach that stage, at least it will be a fine outlet for my rambling. 

What I will write about I do not know for sure, but mostly I will talk about things that I find pretty and inspirational, decorating ideas, organizing projects and dancing. I know dancing is a world away from decorating, but it is one of the most magical thing in my life and the one thing that makes me happiest. There is hardly anything out there in this big world of ours that compares to a great dance, when you get on the floor with a partner that spins you around and makes you come alive. It is total magic, and I want to share that magic with other people. But all in all, this is just going to be an outlet for me to express myself, and share a bit of my life. 

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